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The best beginner’s guide to using Mac keyboard shortcuts | 2021

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Apr 15, 2021

Mac keyboard shortcuts are a great way to boost productivity and make you more efficient. Mac keyboard shortcuts can be intimidating for new users, but they are essential to get the most out of your computer.
This blog post is the perfect place for beginners to start. Follow along as we will cover some simple and easy-to-remember shortcuts that will make using a Mac a breeze!

Beginner’s guide to using Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Symbols

Using a keyboard shortcut is easy and fast. Press and hold the key for one of your modifier keys, then press the last button in that command sequence. For example, to copy text (Command⌘ -C) is the shortcut to copy. The Command ⌘ key is one of the modifier keys. Below is a list of the modifier keys on Mac.

    • ⌘ Command (Cmd)
    • ⌥ Option (Alt)
    • ⌃ Control ( Ctrl)
    • ⇪ Caps Lock
    • ⇧ Shift
    • Fn Function Keys

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts- Finder 

    • Command⌘ + N: New Finder window
    • Command⌘ + T: New Finder window tab 
    • Option⌥ + Command⌘ + Space: Open new search window 
    • Command⌘ + F: Find 
    • Shift⇧ + Command⌘ + N: Create new folder 
    • Command⌘ + I: Get file info
    • Option⌥ + Command⌘ + I: Show file inspector 
    • Command⌘ + J: Show view options 
    • Command⌘ + Y or space: Quick Look 
    • Shift⇧ + Command⌘ + P:  Show/hide preview 
    • Command⌘ + Control⌃ + 0: Use groups/stacks 
    • Command⌘ + ↑: Go to parent folder
    • Shift⇧ + Command⌘ + C: Go to the top level 
    • Shift⇧ + Command⌘ + R: Go to AirDrop 
    • Command⌘ + Delete⌫: Move to trash 
    • Shift⇧ + Command⌘ + Delete⌫: Empty trash 

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts- App Commands

    • Command⌘ + N: New window/document 
    • Command⌘ + O: Open file
    • Command⌘ + W: Close window/document
    • Command⌘ + S: Save document 
    • Option⌥ + Shift⇧ + Command⌘ + S:  Save As
    • Command⌘ + Q: Quit
    • Option⌥ + Command⌘ + Q: Quit, close/keep windows
    • Command⌘ +,:  App preferences
    • Command⌘ + H: Hide app
    • Option⌥ + Command⌘ + H:  Hide others
    • Shift⇧ + Command⌘ + /:  Help
    • Control⌃ + Command⌘ + F: Toggle full screen mode
    • fn + ↑↓: Page scrolling 

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts- Text Editing

    • Command⌘ + ← or Command⌘ + →:  Start/end of line
    • Command⌘ +↑ or Command⌘ + ↓: Start/end of doc
    • Option⌥ + ← or Option⌥ + →: Previous/next word
    • Option⌥ + ↑ or Option⌥ + ↓: Previous/next paragraph
    • Command⌘ + X: Cut
    • Command⌘ + C: Copy
    • Command⌘ + V:  Paste
    • Command⌘ + Option⌥ + Shift⇧ + V: Paste and Match Style 
    • Command⌘ + A: Select All 
    • Command⌘ + T:  Show Fonts
    • Shift⇧ + Command⌘ + C: Show Colors 
    • Control⌃ + Command⌘ + space: Insert symbol or emoji 
    •  fn fn: Start Dictation 

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts: Screen Capture

    • Shift⇧ + Command⌘ + 5: Capture and recording controls 
    • Shift⇧ + Command⌘ + 3:  Screen 
    • Shift⇧ + Command⌘ + 4: Area 
    • Control⌃: to save to clipboard instead of file 
    • Space: to select window instead of area 

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts: Startup Shortcuts

    • Option⌥: Boot to Startup Manager 
    • Option⌥ + P + R:  Reset NVRAM
    • Command⌘ + S: Single user mode
    •  T: Target disk mode
    •  Shift⇧: Safe mode
    •  D: Run diagnostics
    • Option⌥ + D: Run diagnostics via net Recovery
    • Command⌘ + R:  installed OS Recovery
    • Command ⌘+ Option⌥ + R: compatible OS Recovery
    •  Shift⇧+ Command⌘ + Option⌥ + R: Recovery, original OS  

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts: Mac function keys

Ever wondered what those keys at the top of your keyboard are all about? Mac’s function key is a set of 12 buttons that you can use for different tasks. These built-in features make it easier to do things like open the Launchpad to start a new app or skip a song without ever having to use your mouse!

If there are any functions whose meaning isn’t clear, chem them out below: 

  • F1: Lower brightness 
  • F2: Increase brightness
  • F3: Open Mission Control
  • F4: Open Launchpad
  • F5: Lower keyboard brightness
  • F6: Increase keyboard brightness
  • F7: Skip back (audio)
  • F8: Pause/Play
  • F9: Skip forward (audio)
  • F10: Mute
  • F11: Increase volume
  • F12: Decrease volume

Do you know you can create your shortcuts for Apps on Mac? Check it out!

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